Let's bring people

to the table...

Mealtimes have always been a focal point where people meet and socialise. We talk, laugh, share knowledge and opinions around the table. The shared meal, and the tastesensations that come with it, creates a frame of reference that brings us together. That’s why at HOUNÖ we say Lets bring people to
the table. Because it’s around the dining table that we expand each other’s horizons.


HOUNÖ has been making combi ovens in Denmark since 1977. Over the years we have acquired knowledge and experience with and about cooking. We would like to pass on some of our knowledge to you; we want you to gain interesting perspectives on everything to do with ovens – and everything that goes towards making a meal something special.

That’s why we are sharing these authentic stories from visionary people, all of whom talk about their work with passion. And just like HOUNÖ is passionate about combi ovens, they are passionate about what they do. 

We hope you will be inspired.

Happy reading!

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