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CombiSlim ovens in Parisian restaurant kitchens

Opdateret: 18. okt. 2018

HOUNÖ’s compact CombiSlim ovens are the ideal choice when space is tight; the ovens fit perfectly in the small kitchens of La Fabrique de Bouchons and Kalypso Comptoir Marin. Chef and owner of the restaurants Fabien Sam is very happy with his oven choice.

“Parisian kitchens are generally small with little areas. I was struck right away by the fact that the CombiSlim is extremely compact and ideal for space optimization,” Fabien Sam says.

His two restaurants each have a HOUNÖ CombiSlim 23.06, which fits six 2/3 GN trays and is the most compact oven size in HOUNÖ’s product range. This makes the oven the perfect choice for Fabien Sam’s Parisian restaurants.

HOUNÖ’s CombiSlim fulfills the need for a quality oven where space is too tight for a larger combi oven. With a width of only 51,3 cm, the oven can fit into even the smallest kitchens.

La Fabrique de Bouchons offers a seasonal menu with local produce from France, while the kitchen at Kalypso Comptoir Marin is a fusion kitchen offering seafood dishes from around the world. Both restaurants have small kitchens that serve approximately 50 guests per day. They have achieved precise cooking processes, short cooking time and consequently saved time using CombiSlim in their kitchens.

The ovens at La Fabrique de Bouchons and Kalypso Comptoir Marin have a user-friendly digital controller with a selection dial interface. The selection dial is used for manual programming as well as selection of recipes and cooking functions.

“Our CombiSlim oven is used every day. During set-up, and also during operating hours for timed cooking, regeneration and temperature maintenance,” Fabien Sam says and explains that the ovens are used for all kinds of food preparation:

“I do everything in my CombiSlim! I poach, I cook, I roast my fish and my meat, I make my sauce bases. I make my pastry, meringues, candied fruits, duck foie gras, my mousseline of vegetables, and my rabbit terrines. We also do a lot of low temperature vacuum cooking.”

Even though CombiSlim is a compact oven, it offers the functions you will need in a smaller kitchen. At La Fabrique de Bouchons and Kalypso Comptoir Marin they use many different functions when cooking in the ovens, such as Hot Air, CombiSmart®, steaming and regeneration. The kitchen staff are especially happy with the CombiSlim’s ability to regulate temperature and humidity precisely.

“The CombiSlim accurately regulates both temperature and climate in the cooking chamber, which is very important for the regeneration of what I make, and also when preparing vegetables in the oven,” Fabien Sam explains.

Fabien Sam has experienced several benefits by using the CombiSlim ovens. He says excitedly: “I would highlight its flexibility, the ability to switch from one cooking mode to another, from high to low temperature. The rise in the temperature is extremely fast. No need to preheat the oven for half an hour. The oven is instantly hot, ready to cook!”

Fabien Sam did not know HOUNÖ before, but he was introduced to the brand through his kitchen installation company. He chose HOUNÖ CombiSlim because of its size, flexibility and affordability.

“I think I made a great investment in this efficient, economical, compact and easy to use oven,” he says and declares that he would happily recommend HOUNÖ ovens, as they are “modern, high tec but easy to use, and a perfect design for open-plan kitchens.”

Published by HOUNÖ

Text: Cæcilie Brunsvig

Photography: Laurent Danquigny photographe, Moment Studio

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