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HOUNÖ’s CombiPlus solution has become the standard at Shell in Switzerland

All 72 Shell petrol stations deploy Visual Cooking as a CombiPlus solution for their convenience shop areas.

Over the last few years, all 72 Shell petrol stations throughout Switzerland have renewed their oven equipment with HOUNÖ’s combi ovens. HOUNÖ’s local distributor GAMO Gastroline has delivered, installed and serviced the ovens to great satisfaction. The oven of choice is the Visual Cooking bake model 1.06 stacked with another 1.06 (CombiPlus solution) for optimum capacity and flexibility, making it possible to bake and cook different batches of products. At the same time, Shell saves valuable floor space.

Statement on behalf of the Shell Account Team:

“We have a long-term cooperation with GAMO, and we experience great service as well as great product performance. These combi ovens have been defined by Shell as the standard.”

Shell uses the HOUNÖ combi ovens for bake-off and grab & go food for their convenience shop area with a pre-defined customized recipe program package in French and German for ease of use and uniformity of results across the chain.

Annette Bühlmann, Co-owner of GAMO states:

“We are very pleased with the close cooperation with the Shell Account Team and proud to have delivered high-end ovens as the new market standard in convenience.”

Martin Vestergaard Sørensen, Key Account Manager at HOUNÖ adds:

“The fit for purpose solution chosen by Shell is perfect for this segment. It caters the needs of staff that are not trained in a professional kitchen creating peace-of-mind with the ease of recipes, and the ovens are mounted with low-noise extraction hoods as an integrated solution making the placement of the ovens very flexible and also possible to create front of the house appealing service areas enticing impulse purchases.”

CombiPlus Benefits

  • High Flexibility - e.g. Steam in one oven, bake in the other oven

  • Stack 2 ovens to double your capacity

  • Save valuable floor space

  • Adjust capacity to demand and save energy

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