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Michelin-starred restaurant chooses HOUNÖ

The Michelin Restaurant Domestic in Aarhus, Denmark, wanted an oven that was reliable, accurate and user-friendly. They therefore had a HOUNÖ Visual Cooking CombiPlus SmartTouch® 1.06+1.10 installed in the spring of 2018. This has made their daily working life much easier.

Morten Frølich Rastad and Christoffer Norton are co-owners and the creative minds behind Restaurant Domestic, which opened in October 2015. Since then, the restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star and been praised for its seasonal menu where the food is simple but prepared with mastery.

The concept behind the restaurant is based on local Jutland produce, craftsmanship and a focus on the guests.

The restaurant is mainly open in the evenings and hosts an average of 150-200 guests per week.

Restaurant Domestic rethinks the use of ovens for food preparation; they prepare everything they can think of in the ovens. They do that because it is easy. Christoffer Norton says:

“We can prepare much more in the HOUNÖ ovens. We can place the food in the oven and forget about it, and it comes out perfect.”

The chefs at Restaurant Domestic have developed their own oven programmes for their own specific needs. These include a bread programme for baking bread and a braising programme, which they use when braising meat overnight at low temperatures.

“You can control the oven temperature when preparing something in the oven. That’s why we use it for a lot of things you would normally boil. Another example is braising. Instead of braising in a casserole we place the food in the oven, because we can control the exact braising temperature, so the meat is neither dry nor undercooked,” says Christoffer Norton.

Restaurant Domestic replaced its oven, because their previous oven made by another manufacturer of combi ovens was too inaccurate, which made the day-to-day working life in the kitchen too chaotic.

The chefs are pleased with the switch to HOUNÖ.

“It’s a very attractive oven. It is shiny and beautiful to look at,”says Christoffer Norton.

“Our working life has become so much easier! We save a lot of time and actually end up with a better product. This also enables us to start focusing on other things,” says Morten Frølich Rastad and continues:

“I think it is a good oven, which is easy to use on a daily basis. The many different settings also help. It is a very flexible tool to work with”.

Morten Frølich Rastad and Christoffer Norton decided that their new combi ovens had to come from HOUNÖ, as they had heard a lot of positive comments about HOUNÖ ovens from former colleagues and other people in the industry.

It was almost a matter of course that the kitchen at Restaurant Domestic had to be equipped with HOUNÖ ovens.

“I think we always had in mind that it had to be HOUNÖ. It is also because we are creatures of habit. I have only ever worked with HOUNÖ everywhere I have been!” says Morten.

Published by HOUNÖ

Text: Cæcilie Brunsvig

Photography: Moment Studio

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